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Recording Your Min/Max Temperatures

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Advice on: Positioning Your Fridge

The location of your fridge is very important to ensure it works effectively and isn’t put under any unnecessary stress that could shorten its working life. The tips below should help you ensure the vaccine fridge in your branch is positioned correctly.

Fridge must be positioned out of direct sunlight, so therefore away from any window.

Always position your fridge away from a heat source, such as a radiator.

Always position your fridge on a level floor surface with adequate air circulation.

Always ensure your fridge has a 10cm gap around and above it for good air circulation.

Advice on: Stocking Your Fridge

Vaccines are expensive, therefore, it is vital that they are stored correctly inside your fridge. Below is some help and advice on how to do this correctly to avoid costly wastage.

The MHRA recommends that you stock the refrigerator no more than 75% capacity to achieve optimum performance.

Only store medical items in your vaccine fridge. Never store food in your vaccine fridge – this has its own specific temperature storage range.

Always leave a 1cm gap between your vaccines wherever possible to ensure the best air circulation.

Always restock your fridge as quickly as possible. When the door is open, warmer air can enter the appliance.

Always ensure your fridge is kept clean both inside and around the door seal.

Never allow vaccines to be in contact with the back or sides of the unit, which could result in freezing rendering the vaccines useless.

Do not stack vaccines above the fan, which could block or restrict the airflow around the unit.

Never take your daily minimum/maximum readings just after restocking your fridge, so always plan your restocking around your min/max routine.

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