Established more than 70 years ago, Lec Medical is the UK market leader in medical refrigeration and the trusted medical refrigeration partner to the NHS, which has used our products for more than 20 years.

On this page, you’ll find information about our comprehensive range of fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers. Designed for use in hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, GP and veterinary surgeries or patient’s homes, our models are available in a wide variety of sizes and have a host of user-friendly features.

As trusted medical refrigeration experts, we know that choosing the most appropriate model for your organisation is vitally important, so our product list is laid out by sector to help you find the right product quickly, whether you need a discreet under-counter fridge for a laboratory or a 1,200 litre fridge-freezer for a busy Hospital Pharmacy.

All our Pharmacy, Lab and Ward products are manufactured in Britain and in stock, allowing us to fulfil orders quickly.  This is supported by the expertise of our in-house engineers who provide unbeatable aftersales service.  For added peace of mind, all our products are covered by a warranty of between two and five years, covering parts and labour.

As part of our commitment to the environment we will collect and dispose of responsible any Lec Medical product free of charge.

We also understand the importance of maintaining a safe work environment, which is why many of our products are spark-free and ATEX accredited, making them suitable for use in explosive atmospheres, such as laboratories featuring flammable gases or combustible dusts. All our products boast International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) accreditations for quality management, energy management and medical devices quality management.



Our pharmacy refrigeration range is specifically designed for the storage of temperature sensitive medicines and vaccines and is suitable for use in pharmacies, GP surgeries and clinics, hospital wards and theatres and even in patients own homes. A wide range of sizes are available including under-counter, countertop, upright and large capacity models, and are trusted by the UKs leading high street and retail Pharmacy brands.

Developed to conform to all storage and regulatory standards, our refrigeration range has two temperature probes measuring both core (vaccine temperature) and air temperature making, preventing costly spoilage by ensuring product is always stored at the correct temperature.

A simple easy to use controller enables users quick access to minimum and maximum temperature readings from both the core and air temperature probes, All units are fitted with locks and have Audible and visual temperature alarms that are activated if a door is left open or the air temperatures deviates outside of the 2 – 8 degree parameters.

Available in capacities ranging from 41 litres to 1,200 litres, the pharmacy refrigeration range is covered by a minimum two-year warranty covering parts and labour.



The Lec Medical range of reliable and easy to use spark free laboratory fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers are designed to deliver market leading security to laboratories storing volatile liquids and chemicals.

Lec laboratory fridges operate at temperatures between 2°C and 10°C, while the range of freezers operate at between -18ºC and -25 C, with capacities varying from space-efficient 39L countertop models to larger freestanding 444l fridges.

With safety of the utmost importance, all products in the range are spark-free, with many boasting ATEX Approved accreditation. All units also feature anti-microbial handles to prevent cross contamination, as well as audible and visual temperature alarms which alert users to temperature variations.

Units have a simple to use external digital control panel for easy operation are also available, while many products in the range feature portholes to allow access for secondary monitoring probes, roller castors for easy manoeuvrability and multiple shelf locations for flexible storage solutions.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, all products in the laboratory range come with a two-year warranty covering parts and labour as standard.



We know that hospital wards are extremely busy environments, so it’s important they are provided with reliable refrigeration to keep food and drinks items fresh. With countertop, under-counter and freestanding models available, our range of ward refrigeration units is suitable for use on hospital wards of any size and layout.

Employees, patients and visitors all frequent hospital wards 24 hours a day, so ensuring ward refrigeration units remain hygienic and secure is vital. All units in our ward refrigeration range boast anti-microbial handles to prevent bacterial growth and all feature fitted locks with two keys as standard, to prevent unauthorised access.

Available with capacities of 82, 158 or 288 litres, the Lec ward refrigeration range has operating temperature ranges of 1°C to 5°C. Most units have external temperature displays, audible and visual temperature alarms and reversible doors for added convenience. All come with a two-year warranty covering parts and labour.

Some units include fitted rollers for easy manoeuvrability, while many feature advanced external controls to manage the internal temperature of the units and monitor their settings at the touch of a button. Wire shelving for optimal airflow inside the unit also allows shelf positions to be varied for maximum storage capacity.



Our range of staff room fridges and freezers delivers an ideal food storage solution for employees’ communal areas.

With options including countertop, under-counter and upright fridges, as well as freezer and fridge freezer options, the staff room refrigeration range has options for staff rooms of any size, from discreet 32 litre-capacity units to 236 litre-capacity tall upright fridges.

Most products in the range are energy rated A+, making them among the most energy efficient refrigeration products on the market. This makes them cheap to operate and environmentally friendly.

All fridge units feature an automatic defrost feature which prevents ice build-up and eliminates the need to defrost them, and many also have left or right hinged door options for convenient opening.

Other units in the range feature removable, easy to clean door seals, removable glass safety shelves and removable wire shelves to increase capacity, and all units come with a two-year commercial warranty covering parts and labour.



Data loggers are electronic devices that enable temperature to be measured and the results saved, and are an invaluable resource in hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies in the event of electricity loss.

The Lec range of data loggers measure temperatures between -40°C and 125°C, as well as humidity, with some Wi-Fi-enabled models allowing data to be streamed or viewed wirelessly on a PC or from the LEC Medical Cloud via compatible devices. Some units are capable of storing more than 250,000 readings, even if Wi-Fi is disabled, can view and analyse multiple sensors, and boast calibrated probes for exceptional accuracy, with the sensors typically accurate to +/-0.2°C (-10 to 60°C).



Lec Medical’s range of lockable neonatal refrigerators make breast milk storage secure and convenient for hospital staff and new mothers.

With 39 or 47 litre capacity countertop fridges or a 158-litre capacity under-counter fridge available, all models in the neonatal range feature open door sensors and audible and visual alarms to prevent milk spoilage, as well as convenient digital external controls and temperature displays. Reversible hinged doors allow easy opening, while four adjustable feet make them easy to manoeuvre.

The range of neonatal refrigerators feature temperature ranges from -18°C to -25°C or +2°C to +4°C, and all units come with a five-year warranty covering parts and labour.



The Lec range of lightweight, portable coolers is perfect for use by healthcare professionals carrying out offsite visits.

Available in capacities of either 8 or 18 litres, all models in the portable cooler range conform to MHRA guidelines and feature operating temperature ranges of +2°C to +8°C and external LED temperature displays accurate to 0.1°C.

All units feature an aluminium, heat-preserving foil lining to maintain optimum temperature for as long as 30 hours, and non-slip feet for stability, as well as plastic handles to make them comfortable to carry. The 18-litre model also has an adjustable shoulder strap for added comfort.