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Proud to be working in partnership with the NHS

Receiving medical care is something we all take for granted, and if you are one of the 1million patients that the NHS deals with every 36 hours, it’s likely that Lec Medical will have been involved in some way.
Whether it is pharmacy refrigeration that ensures that the vaccines and medicine you require are stored at the correct temperatures, the ward fridges that doctors and nurses rely on every day, or the laboratory refrigeration that assist in research and developments in the latest cures against hundreds of diseases every year, Lec Medical technology and quality products are at the fore.
Ian Harbison, Head of Marketing at GDMA, said
“It’s easy to feel proud to work for a company that is so imperative in helping medical professionals deliver the high quality of care that we all rely on at varying times through our lives. Working closely with the NHS, but also community pharmacies, GP surgeries, and many areas of the medical industry that trust us to take care of valuables vaccines, some of which can cost thousands of pounds, Lec Medical is a crucial, often hidden cog in the day to day delivery of medical care.
Whether it is the safe storage of the flu jab that many millions receive every year, the care of blood that is giving by donors up and down the country or even the care of crucial diabetes drugs both at the pharmacy or even at home, Lec Medical products are trusted across the industry.”
Lec Medical has been working with the NHS, since 1956 – just eight years after the NHS was founded in 1948. Today, we work closely with every NHS trust to provide them with the highest quality medical refrigeration possible and continue to be at the forefront of developing easy to use, safe and reliable refrigeration solutions.
Being involved in the medical industry is just one of the ways that Glen Dimplex Consumer Appliances lives our Company Values and gives back to society, proud to work in partnership with the NHS, the world’s most prestigious health service.