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NHS Celebrates its 70th Birthday

Today we’re celebrating 70 years of the NHS, a landmark anniversary for the most famous healthcare system in the world. On 5th July 1948, the National Health Service was launched in order to provide good healthcare within the UK which was available to all, regardless of wealth. 70 years later, the NHS employs over 1.5 million staff and has seen huge advancements in technology, medicines, treatments and patient care.
We’re delighted that we are able to work with the world’s most prestigious health service and are hugely proud to have been doing so since 1956. Today, we work closely with every NHS trust to provide them with the highest quality medical refrigeration possible. Since the NHS was founded in 1948, medical refrigeration has come a long way. Lec Medical continues to be at the forefront of developing easy to use, safe and reliable refrigeration solutions for the NHS and we look forward to continuing to work closely alongside the NHS for many years to come!