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Lec Medical to showcase at the BBTS Annual Conference

‘The BBTS Annual Conference, 13th-15th September 2017, Glasgow; Visit Lec Medical on Stand 21

Lec Medical (stand 21) is delighted to announce that they will be attending this year’s BBTS Annual Conference taking place on 13th-15th September 2017 in Glasgow. The conference, which brings together delegates from around the world, allows industry professionals to connect and network through 30 sessions of presentations, talks and workshops delivered by over 100 speakers.

As one of 30 exhibitors at BBTS, Lec Medical will be showcasing its wide range of products highlighting that Lec Medical have a solution to suit many different medical facilities. On stand, the first key piece of equipment will be the Freestanding Glass Door Bloodbank unit which can store up to 432 bags and includes features such as a chart recorder as standard, USB data download, temperature monitoring software and both open door and power failure alarms.

In addition to this, Lec Medical will be demonstrating their wireless temperature monitoring system on stand and its portable vaccine carriers alongside the latest innovation from Lec Medical’s Reagent refrigeration series, which now feature dual temperature monitoring probes. Designed to provide the operator with the ultimate piece of mind, one temperature probe in the fridge monitors the air temperature, whilst the other probe is placed in a liquid solution and provides an accurate measurement of the of the fridge contents. This means that even if the air temperature inside the fridge deviates from standard temperatures, staff will have accurate temperature knowledge and record of the liquid contents inside the unit.

Lec Medical has been a key provider of medical refrigeration for over 70 years, using its extensive knowledge to create innovative and high quality products for the industry. With a comprehensive range of products, they deliver the premium in medical refrigeration for hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals and wards with a total of more than 40 appliance choices. These include spark-free laboratory refrigerators and freezers, blood bank refrigerators and associated products and services.

For further information on please contact 0151 493 3585. The Lec Medical brand is part of Glen Dimplex Professional Appliances (GDPA) that in turn is part of the multi-national Glen Dimplex Group. Visit or