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Lec Medical Introduces Control Plus Range Featuring New and Improved Controller

Lec Medical is delighted to announce the launch of Control Plus – a new range of medical refrigeration that measures both the core temperature of the fridge, as well as the vaccine itself. Featuring an improved controller, larger internal capacities and a flat door to save valuable space in a busy medical environment, the Control Plus range is designed for a variety of locations, from pharmacies and hospitals, through to laboratories and general practice.

Comprising of four models (47 ltr, 158 ltr, 273 ltr and 353 ltr), the Control Plus range features an external digital controller and temperature display that has simple operation at its heart. Allowing the operator to immediately check both the current air temperature of the unit as well as the vial itself, (in addition to monitoring the maximum and minimum temperature that each has reached in the last 24 hours), the new digital controller puts even greater knowledge in to the hands of the operator. Should the air temperature drop outside the temperature parameters, an early visual warning will be given and an audio alarm will be triggered to alert staff that action is required. This gives time to address the problem before the true temperature of the vaccines is affected and products become unusable.

As well as impacting upon patients, temperature variations can also mean losing vast amounts of valuable stock; therefore the Control Plus range of medical refrigeration units are not only a worthwhile investment, but one which can quickly pay for itself.

Ian Harbison, Head of Marketing at Lec Medical is delighted with the latest range:

“The Control Plus range is the outcome of Lec Medical getting even closer to our customers. We have listened to what is important to those working with vaccines and medicals on a daily basis and incorporated their wish list into Control Plus. It is because of this communication that we have also added in a new 47 litre counter top model into the range, to give even greater options. Because of the faith we have in this new range, we are delighted to be able to offer 5 years parts and labour warranty as standard with the UK.”

In addition to the above, the new Control Plus range features a new rubber sealed port hole to allow operators to record the true temperature without compromise, whilst a door activated light, makes it even easier to see the stock within. Each medical refrigerator comes with a fitted lock and 2 keys.

For further information on how the new Control plus range can benefit you, please contact 0344 815 3742 or visit