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Keep track of refrigeration temperature with Lec Medical

For pharmacies, the importance of maintaining and monitoring accurate refrigeration temperatures is imperative. With the quality of the fridge’s contents relying on correct storage, experts in pharmaceutical refrigeration Lec Medical has extended their pharmaceutical range with an advanced data logger, providing accurate secondary temperature records for day to day usage of the appliance.

The logger works in a wide temperature range (from -35°C to +80°C), meaning that it can be placed in a variety of different medical units (fridges and freezers) where accurate temperatures are required. Featuring a large capacity memory that can store up to 16,382 readings, as well as a replaceable lithium battery, the data logger will very soon become a pharmacies peace of mind.

Simply plug the data logger into your PC, set the logging rate and start time and place within the fridge with the door shut. The logger will automatically start recording. Operators can select how often they want it to monitor the temperature, from intervals of ten seconds up to every twelve hours so that any change in temperature will automatically be sensed. This vital information can then be downloaded, graphed, printed and exported to other applications for viewing.

As well as the standard Lec Medical Data Logger, the device is also available with an LCD display which comes complete with calibration capabilities. Its high contrast LCD display allows the user to cycle between the current, maximum and minimum stored temperatures all at the touch of a button. Key information can then be accessed as pharmacists carry out manual checks on the fridge’s core temperature as part of UK standard regulations.

Carolyn Holland, Senior Product Manager for Lec Medical comments on the importance of temperature control and monitoring within medical refrigerators:

“With summer fast approaching, the importance of keeping and monitoring the core temperature of a medical refrigerator is essential as even minute changes in temperature can affect the contents significantly.  Lec Medical’s Data Logger gives operators additional peace of mind and helps them follow the recommendation that they record a secondary reading to the fridge’s own temperature display. With two readings, one independent of the appliance, the operator will get a more detailed overview of the appliances temperature history thereby hopefully being able to notice any abnormalities sooner.”

Lec Medical has been a key provider of medical refrigeration for over 70 years, using its extensive knowledge to create innovative and high quality products for the industry. With a comprehensive range of products, they deliver the premium in medical refrigeration for pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals and wards with a total of more than 40 appliance choices. These include spark-free laboratory refrigerators and freezers, blood bank refrigerators and associated products and services.