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Flu Crisis Increases demand for Safe Vaccine Storage

The UK is in the midst of one of the worst flu seasons since 2011, as reported by the BBC, and with this increase in media coverage regarding the rise in flu cases many more people have decided that this is the year they take measures to protect themselves. This has been particularly the case for those that do not qualify for a free vaccination. In light of this, pharmacies have experienced unprecedented demand for this year’s flu jab, with many boosting orders to cope with the pressure. As a consequence, increased stress has been put on their current storage capabilities.
Following this, Lec Medical has seen a serious demand increase for its specialist vaccine fridges, such as its award-wining Control range. In order to help pharmacies reduce the risk of being left with insufficient, safe vaccine storage facilities, Lec Medical has increased production levels to satisfy additional demand for vaccine refrigeration. Unlike at home, where domestic fridges (for food and beverages) can often be slightly overstocked without having significant consequence, medical establishments are required to follow strict guidelines around the storage of such high value vaccines to ensure that best practice is always carried out.
Thanks to the increase in production levels, most orders for Lec Medical vaccination fridges can still be fulfilled on a rapid delivery which includes next day where required* so that pharmacies have peace of mind if they urgently require excess storage to cater for the influx of flu vaccines. For more information on the Lec Medical range or for support on how best to maximise your vaccine storage capacity, please contact us on: call 0844 815 3755.
*however additional notice is ideally required where possible.